Greg Hermo CTO

From being so drowned in the gaming world, Greg has overcome and emerged into becoming Solutions Resource’s Chief Technology Officer.

As part of the pioneering people of Solutions Resource, Greg has indeed seen how Solutions Resource has really grown; then leading him to really embracing the mission and vision of the company, pushing him to work diligently.
As part of his career building, he has also developed into going further on the different niches of technology, one of which is his becoming a JBOSS trainer, giving him the opportunity to share his knowledge to people from some Asian countries.
Although he already has a good career, Greg holds the fact that he’s learning shall not stop. As such, he is a graduating Masters in Computer Science student at the University of the Philippines.
As a leader, Greg does not impose iron hand to his subordinates, rather gives them freedom to excelling through their own greatness with him always on their back giving support.
To relax from his busy career life, Greg explores different readings and informational videos over the internet, which after learning is being shared to his team. He also balances life as he makes it a point to regularly spend time with his family and do some sports activities with friends.