Jet Castro CEO

Passionately taking the untiring quest for excellence, Jet has been leading the team with his undoubtedly persistent hands towards delivering world-class IT solutions to clients of any type.

Despite being the team’s CEO, he has never forgotten nor left his zeal for coding, thus continuing it until now.
With his more than 15 years of technical experience, Jet has already acquired vast range of knowledge and expertise on software development, but is still pushing himself towards continuous improvement. He even enrolls himself to different technical classes, humbling himself down for the sake of learning, and then makes it a point to pass on the knowledge to his colleagues.
Since the founding of SR, the team has indeed grown with relatively big projects being nailed. Jet definitely has proven his passion to leading and continuously improving himself and his colleagues. But more to this, you might not know that this serial entrepreneur is not only excellent on managing his businesses, but also on making it a point to maintain excellence in his health as he seeks fitness assistance regularly