Nevs Custodio COO

Yearning for business success is what Nevs’ heart has been aching since her youth; seeing her parents enjoying every business they’ve been into.

Fortunately, she has brought that spirit to SR. Nevs always makes it a point to effectively manage every facet of the company; from the most complex to the simplest. In her own way, Nevs also makes her own bridge in between communication, management, and Information Technology as she learns even the most complicated facet of the different field, making her an excellent and efficient COO.
With her passion on business, Nevs makes it a habit to read testimonies of both failure and success stories of businessmen. She actually has a bunch of Entrepreneur magazines which one can borrow anytime he or she wants. As part of her advocacies in life, Nevs does not forget to share her heart to both young and old as she, at the same time, encourages these people to also venturing to their own business in the future.